Mission 2: Ruin

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Mission 2: Ruin

Post by 40KaNE on Tue May 02, 2017 11:46 am

“The Ushmir'n Gyalt, the Ruin of Ker-Is. The Prince of Ruin devoured them all, save for this one.” [...] “The doom of our craftworld did not come from without, it came from within; the Prince of Ruin had long desired Ker-Is, but all entry to him was barred by the powerful wards placed over the webway portal, the key to which was possessed by the autarch End'eruk. And so it was that when the autarch’s own daughter, End'iran, came of maturity, one of the princes most favored placed a glamour upon itself transforming into a perfect vision of eldar beauty. None could resist its guile, least of all the naïve girl, and she fell deeply and passionately in love with him… submitting to his will in every way, including stealing the key to the gateway from her father. The ensuing war against the invading daemon host was long and bloody. Some of us fought to the very end, End'iran included. Such was her shame in being tricked in such a fashion and her desire for redemption, and proved to be the final casualty in the battle for the craftworld. Her daemon lover entered the chamber of the awakening avatar possessing the Aspect of Khaine and wrecking bloody havoc upon the already shattered craftworld. In one final act of desperation, End'iran faced the avatar alone, her fury at her lover’s treachery driving her on, her body having long since past the point of exhaustion, the daemon avatar pressed home his advantage and ended her life song. Maybe it was because the stain on her soul was so indelible that the spirit stone on End'iran’s breast turned the purest black. The daemon avatar tore it from her armor and he must’ve placed it here when he feasted on the souls of my people; one final act of desecration.”

... to be continued

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