29Cu 63.546

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29Cu 63.546

Post by Yumexor on Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:15 pm

Full system diagnostic:
Auto senses:
-comm-auger- connected;
-tactical displays and Auspex-links- 97% clear image- adjusting...
-other senses- unchanged normal parameters...

Respirator Vox Grill
-volume selected - 70dB
-respirator filter- in use - 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and approximately 1% other trace gases- NORMAL
-internal oxygen supply - 78% - replenishing...

Life Signs Monitor
-[main] heart rate- ACCELERATED - not in immediate threat- possible cause: anxiety, excitement, stress- likely due to new environment and recent events while taking honorable oath to the Deathwatch- further research needed...
-[secondary] heart rate- NORMAL;
-Larraman's Organ -no detoxification required;
-Oolitic Kidney implants- detoxification in progress -9% remaining...

*NOTE: Fenrisian Ale- manages to bypass the bio-engineered resistance of regular astartes anatomy. Further demonstrates the weakness of the flesh. Unable to process this type of ethyl alcohol with special properties... Further research is needed- Sending notes to brother Apothecary - Maxwell Conrad....

*NOTE 2: Send congratulation message to brother Byron Skalsgard and Ragnar Bloodtooth- vocal is optional;
"Thank you for the opportunity to test your toxic [searching other terms...] concoction. Fenris has incredible fauna and flora -confirmed- I am however unable to understand it's [search...] function.
Recommend weaponized use of [ searching Low Gothic dialect...] Mjod. Further research is needed....
[ending message...] Happiness is a delusion of the weak"

Returning to system diagnostic...
Internal scan complete:
- New data added: Fenrisian Ale- extremely potent -alcoholic and toxic-
- New substance shows signs of weakness in: Cerebral cortex, Cerebellum, Hypothalamus and pituitary [ mostly inactive due to astartes sexual inhibitors and sterilization], Medulla and kidney implants.
Conclusion: Next bio-enhancements will target said weak points.

External scan [processing...]
- Wargear- optimal conditions since last check [ 1d- 3h- 25' -2" ]
- Mark III Iron Power Armour -[ accessing lost data...] Unable to repair connections- redirecting to ARHIVE...

[ Date: 006.M31- Notable event occuring: Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V ]
"I have erred, and so I must atone. I lived when I should have died, and so I must become Immortal- My oath to the Medusan Immortals. If I am to die in the Legion Breacher Siege Squad, then I shall do it for the will of the Emperor. However, my mind is torn, as the Omnissiah has other plans for my being, and so, if I survive, my entire existance shall be dedicated to the embodiment and bestower of all knowledge and technology in the universe, as it should be..."

[Date: 006-007.M31- last recorded memory- durring Assault on Iydris]
"Captain Ulrach Branthan of the Sisypheum is mortally wounded! Due to his determination, we have managed to intercept the encoded communications of the Traitors and learned that the Traitor Primarchs Fulgrim and Perturabo were leading their Emperor's Children and Iron Warriors Traitor Legions, respectively, into the Warp Rift. Our orders are to pursue and eliminate the Iron Warrior traitors. [ missing data] The Warp Rift has damaged out communications and navigational systems... our fate is sealed [missing data] Preparing my body for stasis, I pray to the Omnissiah that my brothers find me one day, so that I might begin my training on Mars [ log end]

[Date: 935.M41- My awakening durring The Iron Ascension event]
"Iron Captain Bannus had found my stasis pod after an eternity of prayer. When he asked me my name... he had realized that the Primarch stripped me of rank and title, so I had lost my old identity to become an Immortal and claim glory in death. In his endless wisdom, he said I had a greater purpose, and my survival throughout the millenia was proof of that. My ancient suit of Power Armour is a great honor for all Space Marines and can greatly boost unit morale in combat, so I am to never change it, at the cost of being less effective in battle due to it's old and difficult to repair design- judging by this era's technology.
With the blessing of my chapter, I was finally sent to the Machine Cult on Mars to fulfill my great purpose."

[Date: 984.M41- durring the Adacore Extermination ]
"Thus do we invoke the Machine God. Thus do we make whole that which was sundered. Hail the Omnissiah! He is the God in the Machine, the Source of All Knowledge" I have steeped myself in rites of activation and hymnals of maintenance. I now know how to call forth a Machine Spirit or placate its wrath. I am a priest of the Omnissiah and I have given the rest of my humanity in It's name. [speech pattern changing...] I am pledged by blood to the Chapter of the Iron Hands, but bound in mind and spirit to the mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus' Omnissiah.
[Analysis of events after returning to home-planet of Medusa]
-deep mistrust of brothers;
-judged to have Dual Loyalty;
-limiting contact with Battle-Brothers to a minimum;
-can only find a measure of solace among Techmarine brethren;

My first big skirmish after returning from Mars:
I have the honor of aiding my savior, the now Venerable Brother Bannus in a strike force of twenty Iron Hands Dreadnoughts to scour the Mining World of Adacore. The excavations have awoken the Necron war-cells of an overlord.

After the success of this mission, I have been deemed worthy of aiding the Deathwatch for my knowledge in Xenos technology and unique engineering skills [both ancient and modern]"

...[Archive selection complete- Data saved]
Adjusting left shoulder plate...
Adapting to the new weight and clean connectors...

I serve the Ordo Xenos of the Imperial Inquisition!

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Re: 29Cu 63.546

Post by Yumexor on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:01 pm

-------Repairing damage sustained in previous mission to armor and tech--------
[Accessing database- oaths and audio clips for analysis in REPAIR MODE]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[Initializing Principle Lessons of the Iron Hands- transmission]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[ Damaged audio file -searching in Adacore archives- FILE RECOVERY 75%]
-play file-
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
-needs future clarification-

-------Recording notes on past days--------
-Minor repairs in the workshop;
-Shared and gained some information on technology found and studied by the Techmatine brothers in the Deathwatch;
-Possibility of new mission assignment rised to 87%;
-------End of notes--------

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